Open Water Scuba Classes

Become a Scuba Diver with Open Water Scuba Lessons

Become a Scuba Diver with Open Water Scuba Lessons

Learn to scuba dive with PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Lessons. Classes are offered year-round with many options to meet your schedule. In addition to our scheduled group classes, PADI eLearning options are available as well as private and semi-private classes. Even if you have taken an introductory scuba course (such as at a resort), the best opportunities in diving await those who are fully certified.  Your PADI Certification will be recognized worldwide.

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PADI Scuba Certification

PADI Scuba Certification

Your PADI Open Water lessons are divided into three sections:

Knowledge Development

When you enroll in the course, you will receive your student packet, which will include a textbook and a DVD set to watch.  Prior to starting your classroom sessions, fill out your student record folder, which also contains your Medical Questionnaire, emergency contact information, etc.  Then you will watch the DVD set, read the textbook, and complete the knowledge reviews all at your leisure.

During the classroom sessions, your PADI Instructor will review all of the course material that you have learned, elaborate on this information, explain the skills to be performed in the confined water, and test your comprehension of the material.

Confined Dives

The course time for the scheduled courses is split between the classroom and Confined Water Dives (pool).  Students will normally complete the classroom and pool portions over one weekend.  Friday evening from 6-9 pm will be spent in the classroom.  Saturday and Sunday from 9 am – 5 pm will be spent partially in the classroom and partially practicing skills in the pool or confined water each day.

Then, with the direction and aid of your instructor, you will practice important skills and fundamentals of diving in the confined water.  Once the student has successfully completed the classroom and Confined Water Dives sections, they are ready to move on to the open water dives

Open Water Dives

The last step to gaining your Open Water Certification is to dive in a real ‘open water’ setting.  In a series of four dives over two days, you will demonstrate the diving skills you have learned with the supervision of your instructor.  During these dives, the PADI instructor will expect the students to demonstrate the skills that they practiced in the pool sessions in a successful and comfortable manner. Once the student successfully finishes all of the skills in open water, he/she receives the Open Water Certification.

Open Water Certification Courses run throughout the year. If our classroom schedule does not work for you, you can complete the Knowledge Development portion of the course online.  Talk to us about which option is best for you. We offer weekend, weeknight, or even private/small group classes to fit any schedule.  See class dates and locations or call us to set up a course convenient for you.

We have various weekends throughout the summer and fall where we complete open water certification dives.  Students can choose and reserve one of these weekends to complete their certification dives.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The minimum age for diving is 10, with additional restrictions placed on those under 12 years of age.
  • Students 14 and younger will earn their Junior Open Water Certification.
  • Children ages 12-14 must dive with a certified adult, who is at least 18 years of age.
  • Children ages 10-11 must dive with a parent or instructor as well as meet other qualifications.

Other Potential Restrictions:

  • Athletic Ability – The swimming requirement is a 200-yard swim (or 300-yard swim with mask, fins, and snorkel) and 10 minute tread or float.
  • Medical Conditions – Each dive student will fill out a brief medical questionnaire be fore beginning the course.  The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine if a physician should examine you prior to participating in recreational diving training.

Most of what you need for the pool dives is provided (wetsuits, tanks, regulators, BCD’s, etc.).  We want our new students to learn on equipment that is comfortable and easy to use.  That is why all our rental set-ups are top-quality and replaced every year with new ones. The items you will need to supply are:

  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Wetsuit boots
  • Adjustable scuba fins

We ask you to supply this basic gear because the comfort and personalized fit of these items is so crucial to your safety and diving experience.  In your future dive opportunities, dive operators will expect you to own these as well. The quality of the equipment you use has tremendous bearing on your overall comfort, safety and enjoyment.  Few things can ruin the investment you make in learning to dive safely than having wrong equipment.  See what we use ourselves and recommend to students.  We sell all of this equipment at Klein Scuba, plus you’ll get the benefit of having this equipment fitted by a trained professional.

1. Group Open Water Course – Sign up for one of our already scheduled classes or call us to schedule one of your own with 3 of your friends.

Cost:  Contact us for current pricing.


  • Lifetime PADI open water certification with certification card
  • Student kit with dive log book of your own to keep
  • Academic training with PADI certified Open Water Instructor
  • Confined-water training and pool fee
  • Rental of all equipment (excepting mask, snorkel, fins, and wetsuit boots)
  • Open water dives and instruction

Does not include:

  • Personal gear, which includes mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit boots

2. Private Open Water Sessions – If our classes don’t match your schedule or you simply want a more personalized training, call us to set up a private session.

*We make every effort to keep our prices up to date but have no control over the timeframes in which PADI changes their course pricing. To ensure that you are getting the most current price, please contact Klein Scuba at 715-675-6722.